Monday, October 11, 2010

Face Time

The recent debates have provided the opportunity to the nominal "independent" candidate for governor of Thomas Naylor's Second Vermont Republic, Connecticut native Dennis Steele, to flesh out some details about how he'd address the many modern problems facing Vermont. Steele's proposals, really a proposal, was articulated by him at the Vermont Public Television debate and the Vermont Press Association debate.
"... (O)ne thing that stood out after two of these debates was that the solution to the many challenges facing the state often came back to the same thing."

"... (F)or Dennis Steele... questions from health care reform to funding state government circle back to one answer - the state needs to move towards independence from the United States."

- Capital Beat, Vermont Press Bureau (no link - behind RH/TA paywall)
So it boils down to this; secede and all will be okay. Health, education, the economy, you name it. We'll take a closer look at some of the Free Vermont crowd's real ideas for solutions in future posts.

In the meantime, the above debate links should give you a sense of the lack of partical awareness or of a real vision from Naylor's candidate. Secede and we'll all be so much better off. Gone will be the blues and our dreams will turn to gold, especially with "the Once and Future Vermont Republic’s New Silver Token" available now at Steele's website. We'll all be "in the money":

Little wonder that the "Vermont Commons" blog post by VTCommons propaganda baas, Rob Williams, gave no link to the Channel 17 VPA debate. Maybe he'll correct that omission (yet again) after reading this post.

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