Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Time For Rob Williams To Put Up or Shut Up

Second Vermont Republic propaganda minister and publisher of its card stacking journal, "Vermont Commons", said six days ago that this blog is guilty of "a series of... posts full of so many lies," while at the same time asking that I participate in a thinly veiled effort by him to normalize his small group through joining him in an unnecessary, staged event. [1]

Williams has been asked that he "post one real lie that (he) claim's been posted here on Vermont Secession" and for six days he's remained silent. Odd when you consider how pissy he got when six hours elapsed from his invite, to the blow-off.

Williams wasn't asked for every one of the "lies," since he says there're so many that he "confess(es) to having lost track of them all."

Really, just one will do, Rob. Otherwise, if you can't cite one, you're nothing more than the shill and propagrandist for a failing effort to politically swindle the people of Vermont, capable of little more than glittery generalities.

And of course, who then really is the liar?

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