Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Second Stringer of Vermont's Secession Movement Has Made an Offer That He Thinks Can't Be Refused

Rob Williams, chief poobah at "Vermont Commons", the propaganda organ for the struggling to stay relevant Second Vermont Republic, has thrown down a desperate challenge.

As tempting as he has tried to make his offer, I've gotten a better one that I'm working on that doesn't allow for him to configure the ambush style setting he envisions (and we've all seen what thugs Naylor and his minions have behaved like at the forums and debate sites they couldn't crash or get themselves arrested at again). I've even passed his and Naylor's names along to the potential organizer this past Wednesday afternoon.

For those of you unfamiliar with the long backstory, see the longish post below. The shortish version is: Rob and Naylor have ridiculously alleged slander; Jon Margolis, the VTNewsGuy blogger was smeared and re-smeared by Naylor and Rob, as well as were the other journalists who had no valid reason to disagree with anything said by Margolis; Rob intimated that he was considering releasing the hounds, er, lawyers on Margolis, VPT, or even, perhaps, the other journalists, although he wasn't terribly clear so I think he was probably just getting off on being threatening; Rob said he'd post something but didn't until he got thwacked here about it, and then screwed it up so bad, perhaps because he looked like a fool over his charge against Margolis and maybe even hoping that his readers wouldn't see it anyway unless they looked harder; VTCommons has been caught "disappearing" a piece from a back issue done by a Holocaust denying, woe-it-is-to-be-white-today early columnist at VTCommons, and that happened after I posted on the guy being around there doing a fluffy review for another historical revisionist at VTCommons liked he'd done a "fawning" biography of the founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance; Naylor's continued the purge of supporters who don't toe the party line of the day, including the real father of the Vermont secession myth; Naylor continues to keep League of the South past and/or present ideologues on the SVR advisory board while having eliminated nearly all other Vermonters on the board; and last, but certainly not least, Naylor and his Vermont governor candidate, Dennis Steele, started last month to promote the image of a scumbag murderer, Che Guevara, on their websites, that is until I posted about it, and then they ditched Che, with Steele ridiculously suggesting he was only engaging in some kind of ham-fisted consciousness raising and Naylor not even bothering to say anything about the debacle at all.

Can I hear a "Phew," there, Robbie?

That said, here's my reply and counter offer to Robbie:

Dearest Rob

You know, it was just a year ago that your patron and benefactor, Thomas "The Magnolia Vermonter" Naylor, was similarly invited, as you've offered me, to discuss the state of your movement's relations with the neo-Confederates at the League of the South.

Now, what was it he said? Oh, right, "Go fuck yourself." [1]

Will that work for you, as well?

When you have time to take your head out of your ass, do you think you might post one real lie that you claim's been posted here on Vermont Secession? Unlike you, I don't make posts inaccessible so that people have my preferred "take-of-the-day" on the blog. It's still all there for you to peruse from the very first post - and not going anywhere.

Stay tuned, Robbie.

Thomas Rowley
Perhaps Rob will consider purchasing one or both of the two reference works that contain reality based facts and documents from the period he professes to know so much about (they're posted in the right column) and stop regurgitating the junk history churned out by his pals at the League of the South Institute for the Study of Southern History and Culture (LSI).

UPDATE: 9.17.10 Okay, Rob, so you don't like the response I gave you. Too bad. It's not very surprising that you, a leader of a group with anti-Semitic, racist and white supremacist ties, would also engage in a bit of repetitive gay baiting. How very "master race" of you.

I've noticed that you gave no link for you fellow Kool Aid drinkers to follow so that they might see for themselves what I actually said in my reply to you. *Sigh* Those control issues are going to be the death of your movement, Rob.

Since you've elected to devolve your rhetoric into a series of dog whistles to the homophobes in your group, allow me to put it to you this way: I'll continue to pull back the curtain on that neo-Confederate wannabe, Naylor, and you, his devoted flying monkey (yeah, a bit mixed metaphory but I'm liking the imagery better than that Che crap you guys started to play around with, right up until I stopped you folks dead in your tracks - again).

Warmest regards,
Toto, er, Thomas


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