Thursday, September 23, 2010

He's Baaack!

Che Guevara's back in Thomas Naylor's seedy bag of tricks - I kid you not.

Second Vermont Republic founder and the neo-Confederacy's BFF, Thomas "The Magnolia Vermonter" Naylor, has churned out yet another tedious, repetitive secession independence liberación stump speech in which he resurrects, if not quite reanimates, his fallen, murderous hero, El Che.

Naylor closes his drawn-out harangue with one of his predictably stale bromides combined with this weirdly incongruous Che quote:
"Since 'the Gods of the Empire are not the Gods of Vermont,' we should do as Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara once said, 'Be realistic, demand the impossible.'" [1]
He may still be honing his "new and improved" message but he really hasn't helped the optics so much by ditching the Che flag and embracing the murderous Che's muddled, uh, wisdom.

Naylor might best be advised to just consider that "realistic" bit on its own. El Comandante Castro's recent statement on such has shaken the liberación world:
"The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore." [2]
Naylor might then want to consider joining us in the 21st century by waking up to smell el café revolucionario. No one's buying it anymore and it is, in truth, very old and stale.

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