Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vermont Secessionist Gubernatorial Candidate Emily Peyton Comes In Dead Last In Republican Primary

Although the results are still unofficial, it appears that the sometimes Vermont secesher candidate Emily Peyton finished in her usual last place dust up with another fringer, Steve Berry in the Republican primary. The current totals for Peyton and Berry are 941 or 6.55% and 991 or 6.9% respectively. An unknown write-in candidate, presumably Dan Feliciano beat their combined totals by 2014 or 14.3%. Republican scion Scott Milne coasted to an easy win with 10,410 or 72.51% of the votes cast.

So it appears that the albatross of secession once again holds true to its dragging its supporters down to a last place finish.

As a reminder of her true thoughts about secession, here is what Peyton said about it in August of 2010:
"We ought to do the groundwork before we secede. That is the basis of my platform, to prepare the foundation for economic survival and integrity, thus that we have legs to stand on when we wish to secede!"

"Of course we want to be an independent republic, what has being a member of the US done for us?
. Brought us the pride of being the terror of the world? The dignity of creating the worst pollution per capita ? The joy of having more prisons and prisoners per capita than anywhere else? The hope of being the place where our gross national product is dominated by things that kill other people?"

"With economic stability that my proposals bring, and the economic independence we could actually secede. Right now we would be scrambling for a way to do business as the FED places sanctions on us for doing so. Put the [public] banking proposals I name in place and the VUE, vermont unit of exchange, and we can do quite well all by ourselves. People! Hear this! Please."

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