Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vermont Commons Hate Blog Publisher Rob Williams' Latest Crazy Conspiracy Theory

UPDATE 9.17.13: UN Report Smashes Williams/al-Assad/Putin Lie That Rebels Launched Gas Attack

For months now the Vermont Commons publisher, Rob Williams, has seemingly limited his opining to useless movie reviews of action films that often suggest (really loosely) that there's some oblique secessionist connection, tie or nonsense. But today he added to his list of debunked conspiracy theories the crap that Syrian rebels launched gas attacks against the Syrian people. On Monday (9.9.13) he added to his hate blogger's list of debunked conspiracy theories (9/11 Truthiness, Boston Marathon Bombing, Sandy Hook, etc.) the crap that Syrian rebels launched gas attacks against the Syrian people.

In a piece he wrote attacking the weekly, Seven Days, (no, I won't link to it since he presents zero evidence for his conspiracy theory), über conspiracist Williams critiques Seven Days columnist Paul Heinz thusly:
"Paul Heinz's "Fair Game" column on Syria seemed a slapdash shillfest’ian stinker."
Williams presents as evidence a "slapdash" collection of variously misrepresented historical events near and dear to devoted conspiracy mongrels like Williams; he conflates George Bush's lies as being somehow an indictment of President Obama (gee, I wonder where Rob stands on the birther bullshit). Nothing liking stringing an unrelated group of historical events into a fact starved opinion on a current issue.

Thus Williams, whose hate blog sponsors like-minded conspiracists, anti-Semites, homophobes and has published the work of racist, hate group figures like Robert S. Griffin and Franklin Sanders, to name only two, joins other notable racist nutjobs like Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul and Joe "You Lie!" Wilson, as well as mass-murderer-now-turned-peacenik Russian czar and virulent homophobe, Vladimir Putin, in promoting absurd fiction. Another notable winger nutjob who's swilling the Williams Kool-Aid is supreme asshole, Alex Jones. None of these clowns have presented evidence for their meme du jour, just like Williams. Can Vermont secesher anti-Semite, 9/11 conspiracist and Israeli hate monger, Dennis Morrisseau, be far behind in the rush to irrelevancy?

I'd thought that Williams had aged into a failed Vermont secesher with so little grasp on reality that he can still write,
"Vermont continues to explore independence."
when no community has put secession on its town meeting warrant (although Williams and his klan promised that we'd be constitutionally getting there by 2015, now constitutionally impossible); when no legislator, town official or statewide office holder ever mentions his "explor(ing)" bullshit; the Obama administration has shutdown all hope for a secesher plan; when Williams a half dozen years ago sought to promote the work of notorious neo-Confederate, Lincoln historical revisionist whackjob, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, whose work has also been promoted by the Holocaust denial journal, The Barnes Review; despite each and every one of the secesher candidates having failed spectacularly in their various bids for office; of course, there's also the incredibly bad judgment shown by Williams and his then co-chair at the Second Vermont Republic, Thomas H. Naylor, attending White-A-Palooza events orchestrated by the neo-Confederate Abbeville Institute and the hate group called League of the South, who had members serving on SVR's advisory board, and who were honored invitees to one of Williams' poorly attended "events" (as well as the rabidly homophobic hate group, Christian Exodus); when his faux journal has gone belly up and he is reduced to providing a platform that he promised would be much, much more to a collection of bigoted, conspiracist fools; etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Instead, now he's branching out into self-serving, conspiracist media criticism, so I'd just like Rob to answer one thing, him being a publisher of a failed journal of hate and all:
Why, when you had put your equally inane yak operation up for sale in October 2012, did you not disclose this fact to the people that you "shilled" for contributions for your Kickstarter campaign for a "yak BBQ food cart" (basically, yak burgers and sausage) back in January of this year? Didn't potential contributors have a right to know that you were intending to take the money and run? After all, you did secede succeed in unloading that yak burr, didn't you?
It's been fun, Rob, but I think you and your stream of America hating, anti-vaccine crap and bigoted website bullshit are done now that you're no longer being bankrolled by the still dead Thomas Naylor.

Just sayin'.

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