Saturday, January 12, 2013

You Can Help to End the Practice of the Federal Government Honoring Neo-Confederates

A petition effort has been launched at the White House We The People website that asks the White House to end the practice of sending a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument and to end the involvement of white supremacist groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy with the activities of units of the U.S. military.

From the petition:
"This normalizes secession and honors violent secessionists. Stop honoring violent secessionists."

Please take a few minutes to go to the White House website and, if you've yet to do so, register so that you can sign this worthwhile petition that was created by a longtime critic of the neo-Confederate movement, Ed Sebesta.

The link to the White House website is here.


I'll have a post up shortly about the White House response to all those secession petitions (Petition Response: Our States Remain United) that were created by the racist right when they learned that our black president got re-elected. The White House response pretty much screws the pooch for the Vermont seceshers and their dream. It's over, folks.

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