Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The Ghastly Idea of ‘Equality for All’"

Just when I thought that Vermont secessionists and their very close allies with the racist Southern secesher movement couldn't bite down just a little harder on the hateful, discriminatory bag of shit that they're so very fond of, Kirlpatrick Sale, a co-founder of the Second Vermont Republic, an "editor-at-large" of the Rob Williams' Vermont Commons journal blog, a longtime sufferer of Lincoln derangement syndrome (see right column for current definition) and a present day South Carolina representative to the racist Southern National Congress which is strongly affiliated with the white supremacist League of the South, has blurted out this "pernicious" bullshit at the secessionist website LewRockwell.com:
"Equality is a pernicious and dangerous political policy..."

"..."equality for all"? What could that be? And would you want to live in such a place?"
Really, Kirk? Do you wake some days and say to yourself, "What kind of outrageous crap can I spew out today that my pals at libertaritard, paleofascist LewRockwell.com will promote as though it's comprised of lucid though?"

That Sale should come out against striving for "equality for all," no matter how imperfect the result may be along the way, is no surprise. Afterall, it was Sale who, abetted by Rob Williams, promoted the lie that the South didn't secede over slavery; you'd think that at least one of those two "scholars" might have taken the time to read the Southern state's various articles of secession and to have considered the arguments presented in the various Southern legislatures. The number one issue for the Southern secessionists was slavery.

If you'd like to read Kirk's screed regarding hatred of the struggle for "equality for all," it's here.

What a sad, hateful group of people Kirk Sale and the Vermont seceshers have come to be. Hate has become the foundation of the modern secession movement.

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