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Roger Pion, Hero of the Vermont Secessionist Movement, Found by the Vermont Superior Court to be Incompetent

Late last summer what passes for the brain trust at the remains of the Vermont Commons (VC) news journal blog was all atwitter about the convict and would be domestic terrorist, Roger Pion.

In a post promoted by the Vermont Commons web editor, sham
radical, anti-Vermont Army and Air National Guard (VTANG) activist
and trusty sidekick of the Vermont secesher mouthpiece, faux journalist and Lincoln hater Rob Williams, Juliet Buck promoted an absurd piece by another relatively unknown radical, Jasna Brown:
What do Roger Pion, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King have in common? a Guest Post by Jasna Brown, promoted by VC web editor Juliet Buck
Fri, 08/17/2012 - 2:23pm

"I can’t seem to stop believing that Pion, most probably in all of his ignorance, may have started a movement. Could his act, of crushing the whole fleet of Police Cruisers with a giant tractor be a wake-up call for VT farmers..."


"The question is when will our farmers get sick of being messed with? When will they get tired of seeing their land stolen by the banks, by Monsanto and the gang? Will Roger Pion be remembered as the first farmer who ignited the spark with his foolish and impulsive act? Maybe not, but I’ll sure remember how big and powerful his tractor was."
The [snip] was of a completely and utterly irrelevant comparison of Pion's violent act of the destruction of $300,000 worth of taxpayer owned property, motivated by his peevish reaction to the local Deputy Sheriff's doing their jobs, to the protests of European farmers over prices. Only a delusional secesher fool would compare Roger Pion's focused act of violence to two of the greatest martyred promoters of non-violent protest, Martin Luther King and Mahatmas Gandhi.

Like the Vermont seceshers at VC, another like minded group that has a reputation for promoting anti-Semitism, anti-miscegenation, segregation, homophobia and racism, the neo-Nazi website known as the Vanguard News Network (No Jews, Just Right) got some serious wood over Pion's terroristic (note that I don't say "alleged" since his supporters and family don't really dispute the known facts of his actions) attack here.

Vermont Commons blogger, fringe activist and self-anointed media critic, William Boardman also prattled on about Pion's terroristic act at VC, noting that one Vermont Senate candidate called Pion a political prisoner. One needn't wonder for long why the self-anointed critic of Vermont's media didn't name the senate candidate since it might have further derailed the "Senator's" already doomed campaign. You see, Boardman is a little regarded activist whose media critiques are only taken seriously by the unhinged crew at VC.  He chronically whines on and on about what he perceives to be conflicts of interest in Vermont media, with little regard for his own crass promotion of the radical, fringe politics of Vermont seceshers while writing about them and their various hobby horses.

This week we learn via the Burlington Free Press here that Pion appeared in Superior Court sporting a new "Travis Bickle" look this Tuesday rather than his late summer, post arrest, "tweaker," ah, ambiance.
Man Accused of Crushing Cruisers Found Incompetent for Trial Prosecutors seek another evaluation in 90 days 5:57 PM, Jan 9, 2013

Pion’s attorney, David Sleigh, said a hospitalization hearing should be held, and that should lead to the dismissal of the charges against his client.

State’s Attorney Alan Franklin said he could not assume Pion’s incompetency is permanent. “The state is not going to dismiss at this time,” Franklin said.

He asked Superior Court Judge Howard VanBenthuysen to order another evaluation in 90 days.

VanBenthuysen said the court will schedule a hospitalization hearing, where the court will determine how and where Pion will receive treatment.

In September, documents filed with the court stated Pion was suffering from mental instability and was being driven to action by voices in his head.

At that time, both the state and Pion’s father and court-ordered custodian, Armond Pion, asked for an emergency mental health evaluation.

Deputy State’s Attorney Jim Lillicrap wrote at the time that he’d obtained information that Pion was being “told by god to harm someone by noon today,” referring to Sept. 14, 2012.

In an attached affidavit, State Police Lt. Kirk Cooper wrote that Pion had told an employee of his family that he was “advised by the gods to start shooting people.”

The man, Josh Hall, told Roger Gagnon, who told sheriff’s deputy Kyle Ingalls that he was getting nervous around Pion because he was “going off the deep end again.”
Why does it come as little surprise that an seemingly unhinged domestic terrorist is a hero to a wide array of Vermont's unhinged secesher movement, not to mention neo-Nazis who've in the past have praised VC's dead godfather and baas of the just about dead Vermont secesher movement, Thomas H. Naylor?

The Vermont secessionist movement has a long history of advocating violence against those they dislike; Vermont secessionist candidate for a 2010 Rutland County state senate seat, Dennis Morrisseau, in addition to advocating shipping Vermont's homeless out of state while repeatedly expressing anti-Semitic sentiments, has also proposed a hit list of Jews; Vermont secessionist candidate for a 2010 Washington County state senate seat, Gaelen Brown, advocated for capital punishment for Vermont legislators presumed guilty of a non-violent crime; Vermont secessionist candidate for a 2010 Addison County state senate seat, Robert Wagner, who although he's never been elected to any Vermont office prefers to call himself "Senator," has outrageously proclaimed that an African-American mother with a substance abuse problem who'd committed a robbery "Needed Killin'" while at the same time ignoring a similar crime committed by a white male. You get the idea.

Williams likes to promote the crap that he spews as "journalism" but don't expect much from his blog or his new venture, Vermont Independence Press, to get anywhere near the whole or even partial truth on this case.  It's not what he or his clown journalists/bloggers/nutjobs do.  I mean by that that Williams, VC's publisher cum journalist, hasn't ever broken a story himself that I can find.  His forté seems to be journalistic and historical fiction.

Much like Pion, Williams' secesher movement seems "incompetent."

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