Monday, September 10, 2012

Vermont Secessionist Rocket Scientist and Constitutional Blowhard to be an Early Presenter at...

... the third Vermont Secesher Statehouse Stunt to be held in Montpelier on Friday that they're calling their Vermont Independence Party.

There comes a point where one has to ask, how long will these idiots keep banging their heads into the wall of a society that finds them and their screwy worldview to be unsuitable, unpalatable and ultimately unsustainable.

Being one of those at the tip of the spear of the Vermont secesher braintrust, Gary Flomenhoft intends to make another boneheaded recommendation about the Vermont economy.

In 2009, Flomenhoft cooked up a scheme with ten other seceshers to set the elected Vermont legislature and other statewide elected officials straight. You see, Flomenhoft and his crew thought that the elected officials needed a report detailing their unconstitutional behavior over the last 140 plus years. So how better for Flomenhoft and his merry band of governmental usurpers to do so than by illegally convening a legally disbanded governmental agency, the Vermont Council of Censors. The Council of Censors' duties are now primarily performed by the Vermont Supreme Court but the Flomenhoft gang figured fuck'em. They said they'd be issuing their "report" on the legislature sometime around the end of 2010. Like so much of what the seceshers have promised over the years we're still waiting. The seceshers chatted repeatedly about what they were going to do as the Vermont Council of Censors at their super-secret listserv - a searchable mirror of which can be found here.

Another scheme that Flomenhoft has come up with, along with some dipshit at the "Gund Institute" named Robert Costanza who moonlights in some fashion as a kind of Vermont Commons editorial board honcho, is more confiscatory economic grab bagging. Normally when these clowns sit around dreaming up the junk they think will con others into joining them, they invariably call their tiny group a "think tank" or, as in this case, an "institute." This "institute" came up with a plan best described as Stalinism light. Along with other seceshers who propose asset and income caps, the Gund guys want to lay claim to Vermonters private property, land, minerals, woodlots and natural resources, as well as the national airwaves (radio, TV and wireless) and the Internet. Now where have we heard this bullshit before? Well, at earlier secesher konfabs for starters and from economist contemporaries of Karl Marx like Henry George. The first attempt to implement George's economic crackpottery occured in the first decade of the 20th century in Great Britain and the result was an economic crisis - Georgism now, with a few minor limited exceptions like a township in Alabama that hasn't hit the cellar yet, is dead.

And, as if Flomenhoft isn't idiot enough on his own, he's advocated that others commit felonies by hacking websites like this and two others that I know of. At the moment, one European hacker/supporter of Vermont secession is paying repeated visits to this blog, but more on this next week after the "party" is over.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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