Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One Last Wipe...

The Secesher Statehouse Stunt that occurred last Friday proved that the Vermont secessionist movement is, for all intents and purposes, roadkill; as dead as their 2007 "200 Towns by 2012" campaign promise. Similarly, the seceshers have promoted a plan to have Articles of Secession before the Vermont legislature in 2015 - my prediction, don't hold your breath on that one either.

At their sideshow to memorialize their anti-Semitism there was no mention made that their previous 6 year quest to have a secession question on at least 200 Town Meeting warnings this past March had been an utter failure, as in not one town has had a secession question put before their voters. Did they try? That's impossible to determine since the link to their website setup in furtherance of that goal is now dead too.

In 2005 (and I'm reluctantly giving them this one for the moment) their first "convention" attracted 250 people that included secessionist proponents for racist and institutionally homophobic states. The 2012 secesher shindig attracted maybe 50 participants, of whom perhaps as many as half were from out of state. Today's present state of affairs was presciently foreseen in this early Seven Days article from 2007. Less than a month later a 40,000 copy distribution deal for the secesher publication Vermont Commons was cancelled by Seven Days.

Despite sending out press releases to everyone and their brother for this year's anger fest, the seceshers got zero coverage except from their own delusional websites like this one.

Photos published by one attendee confirm the low turnout. Here's the group photo that was scheduled for the end of the event:

There was one bit of news to report. Richard "Terry" Jeroloman, who's had an on again, off again relationship with the seceshers, and who is now a Progressive Party candidate for the Vermont Senate from Chittenden County, snagged a front row seat with perennial secesher losers, Matt Cropp and Peter Garritano. Since there are few Burlington votes to be found at a secesher shindig in Montpelier, one can conclude that wouldbe Senator Jeroloman's sympathies may lie with the seceshers. Perhaps he'll explain to his potential constituents why he felt compelled to attend a session intended to formalize the Second Vermont Republic's embrace of anti-Semitic bigotry.

Here's Jeroloman with Cropp and Garrtano (l-r front, Cropp, Garritano & Jeroloman):

The next few months promise to reveal more losses for the Vermont secesssion movement. You can check back here for updates.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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