Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vermont Secession Leader Levies A Unsubstantiated Charge That Seemingly Implicates The Vermont's Air National Guard's Supporters In Vandalism

Vermont secessionists have a long history of flinging absurd, wildly unhinged charges against their neighbors and those who aren't lapping up the secesher Kool-Aid. The method usually entails an allusion to responsibility of some kind for those that they hate for not slavishly sucking up to their life view in their invariably imprecise fashion. Over the weekend the Vermont Commons web and content editor, sham radical, nimby queen and anti-Vermont Army and Air National Guard activist, Juliet Buck, has made just such a slimy, flimsy, unfounded and weaselly charge by way of her most recent demand of the VTANG.

This cheesy tactic is of a type normally associated with weak campaigns that seek to undermine the perceived opposition (VTANG) by making a demand that they accept some kind of, no matter how much unwarranted, responsibility for unsubstantiated, iffy charges. Here's the schmuck's, er, Buck's specious charge:
"I think it would be entirely appropriate for the VTANG to issue a press release expressly condemning the acts of vandalism that have been committed against the personal property of certain persons opposed to the F-35. Not doing so implicitly condones this kind of cowardly intimidation.

How 'bout Buck issue her own apology for her VTCommons website having promote the hateful anti-Semitism, white supremacism, collaboration with, both inside and outside of its membership, of racists, misogynists and homophobes. The toxic nature of the members of her group is a fact. All she's presented against the VTANG that she hates so much is an completely evidenceless smear.


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