Saturday, June 23, 2012

Matt Cropp Comes In Dead Last in The Voting in His Credit Union Takeover Attempt

Ardent Vermont secessionist Matt Cropp and fellow Burlington Occupier Eric Davis got a gift of sorts with the untimely death of an incumbent Vermont Federal Credit Union board member who was on the slate of those recommended by VFCU for re-election to the board of directors. Of the four board members elected, Davis came in a very distant fourth with less than 40% of the votes of any of the three other elected members; Cropp came in dead last with barely 20%, thus maintaining his significant losing streak in matters electoral.

Cropp and Davis have been engaged in a battle to takeover the vacant seat for some time now and, for the moment, Davis sits on the VFCU board. Davis already has trouble brewing with the board on a trademark infringement issue related to his and Cropp's Occupy Burlington committee group that's been targeting VFCU.

This CUrfuffle (sorry) has captured the attention of the National Credit Union Administration. The Credit Union Times has a piece headlined, "Occupy Activist Elected to Vermont Federal Board" here. Davis' winning manner is on full display in CUTimes piece's comments.

What the Cropp/Davis cabal wants comes down to this: 30 members of an inept Vermont Occupy group in Burlington group intend to tell the 33,000 members of VFCU what their priorities should be. Sounds like one tenth of the 1% telling the 99.9% what's to be, no? Cropp has been plotting an extreme minority takeover of Vermont's credit unions for months, as first revealed on this blog last February.

I'd just want to know why someone always seems to end up dead when the Occupy Burlington people get involved.

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