Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Anti-Semitic Red Meat From The Folks At Occupy Vermont-Burlington

UPDATE: Noon, 1.6.12: OVB has taken down their anti-Semitic post based on a really foul falsehood meant to inflame hatred against Jews but you can't really disappear anything in the age of screen caps. I don't know how OVB will ever be able to represent any portion of the 99% using 100% lies and trying to airbrush their way out of the hole that they dug for themselves. The facts are below.

Meanwhile, here's what the smear was replaced with, although, naturally, with no acknowledgement of the original anti-Semitic intent:

Below is what I first wrote yesterday about, at this point, the most insidious attempt at fostering race hatred and flagrant Jew-baiting by an Occupy Vermont group.

This morning some unknown administrator of the Occupy Vermont-Burlington Facebook page posted this that s/he had obtained from Occupy Wall Street here.

The originator of the photo, (H) at OWS wrote, "(H) Can you hear or feel the pain of Palestine?" to which the OVB admin added, "Wrong wrong wrong. How can they do this stuff?!!!" and "Hardcore pic but reality sucks...."

Commenters on the OVB Facebook post followed OWS and OVB down the anti-Semitic rabbit hole and tripped over their collective dicks to add these embellishments:
David Cardill "That is a photo, which produced the remark from the izreal army, where they said "1 bullet, 2 kills" They sniped pregnant women."
Occupy Vermont-Burlington "Please don't construe this post as an anti-semitic statement.That was not the idea and is not my position. - Mr. X"
Occupy Vermont-Burlington "No like ^ but true."
OWS commenters were even more condemning of the Jewish state and even got into the racist, anti-Semitic Eustace Mullins' Rothchild family claptrap that is reported on repeatedly here in posts below.

You see, if the Occupy brain trust that was all over this picture during the morning today had spent the FOUR MINUTES AND TWELVE SECONDS that I did researching (sorry for the ALL CAPS, something I don't normally do, but I can't believe how STUPID these people can be when they WANT TO BE) this sad picture they would have learned:

▪ The baby was not Palestinian.

▪ The mother lived.

▪ The shooting occurred in Mosul, Iraq on August 10, 2005.

▪ The alleged shooter (unconfirmed) was not Israeli but purported to be American.

This was reported by the Iraqi League here. I found their report after clicking on the picture where I located it in a depressing collage at the Children of Iraq Association Charity here (the picture may not show but presently it's the first one directly beneath the Vanessa Williams video and to the left of the group and is labeled "Baby Killed" - it will link directly to the Iraqi League website report).

While this deal over the picture certainly rises to the level of an anti-Semitic smear designed to tap into the medieval, anti-Semitic baby killing trope known as Blood Libel, I suppose we should be thankful that OWS, OVB admin(s?) and David Cardill didn't suggest that the Israeli troops served the baby for dinner as a part of their lies.

*** On a personal note: It has been observed that the posts on some Occupiers anti-Semitic inclinations and secession are not a well connected subject. While somewhat true, there is ample justification listed in posts below about Vermont's secesher leader, Thomas Naylor, bragging about another secesher leader/activist, Matt Cropp, being a primary organizer of the Occupy Vermont Burlington group. Naylor has praised, sort of, the Burlington group and has himself expressed vile, anti-Semitic sentiments. In short, over the coming days I'll decide whether to continue posting these commentaries on the anti-Semitism which permeates some Occupy groups like OVB and OWS here or on a separate blog.

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