Monday, November 14, 2011

Vermont Secessionist Faker Poses As An Occupy Movement Style Activist

NOTE: For a number of reasons I've been withholding comment on recent developments in the small Vermont secession group and its blatant attempt to coӧpt the Occupy Vermont-Burlington group. That ends tonight.

During the coming days leading up to 9:00 PM on November 20, a time and date set by an ally of the OVB group, AntiSec, when they/it/he will "show the City Of Burlington, and the Police Department of Burlington what it feels like to be brought down to their knees," I'll be posting on a number of relevant topics.

This multi-pronged attack on Vermonters is coming from OVB's ally, who also posts informational links pertaining to the children of police officers, as well as threatening acts of cyberterrorism, sexistly threatens a female Vermont National Guard member with physical assault if she reports what she considers to be threats of violence to the appropriate investigative authority - "snitches get stitches... like little bitches" - and from OVB, a group that entertains anti-Semitic canards and tropes based on the hatred of Jews by a Hitler sympathizer. Sadly, although not terribly surprising, a number of OVB commenters appear to be positively giddy over AntiSec's threats.

This ain't gonna be pretty, folks. So hang on, here we go...

In addition to attracting the ire of Vermont's "small community of secessionists", I've now "caught (the) attention" of someone who's using an email address that is, from what I can find, little more than an homage to a terrorist and would-be mass murderer, Guy Fawkes - It seems that our present-day Mr. "Fawkes" has taken a recent interest in this blog that coincides with a number of other peculiar coincidences that I'll be posting about in the coming days. Here's his query:
"Mr. Rowley,"

"An interesting blog. The 'Independence'
(s/read secesher) movement has caught our attention."

"A question though. You state: "I thought that secession was worthy of discussion but was troubled by what I had learned about SVR's associations." You have alluded, in other areas of your blog, that secession may be viable but not with the current people who are advocating it."

"Having reviewed the SVR and the Vermont Commons as well as your blog, are you saying that in the proper context secession is a viable option outside of the aforementioned "associations"?

"We look forward to your response."
Really? Here's the deal, Guy: If you want to try to intimidate someone into answering what is obviously a loaded question cobbled together from unrelated statements by glomming onto the "Anonymous," not-so-much, sensation, don't leave your IP address attached to your email. You've unwittingly (read: stoopidly) left compelling evidence as to your identity.

Good luck with that Vermont senate seat you're now supposedly seeking as one of the vaunted secesher "30" who'll be seeking to take over the Vermont Senate in 2012. Normally the secesher clowns that the poseur from is closely affiliated with collectively poll in the single digit (as in 1% or less). We'll see how Vermonters view a senatorial candidate who uses a fictitious email address based on the identity of a murderous terrorist and how that affects his electability.

Buh-bye, Guy... for now.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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At Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:59:00 AM EST , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

I'm sure that it has.

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Should I call you SecEq?


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