Friday, September 16, 2011

BREAKING! Vermont Commons Print Journal To Fold - This Fall's Will Be The Last Issue

In a whistling past the graveyard style editorial that tries to put a cheerful face onto what to any real journalist (which Rob Williams is not and can never be since he doesn't seem to get the ethics involved) would find a horrible task, publisher, editor, statewide distributor and bottle washer, Rob Williams, of the longtime failing propaganda rag for the Vermont secessionist movement, "Vermont Commons", announced the end to print publication of his baby here. It even includes a Schwartzeneger-esque "I'll be back."

The long slide to oblivion began with the revelations on this blog in February 2007 that contributors to the journal were directly affiliated with the white supremacist group called the League of the South. Within two months of that disclosure Seven Days, the Burlington based alternative weekly, cancelled its distribution deal with "Vermont Commons" because of "confusion." Read all about it here.

Apparently a lot of free advertising that was given to fill pages and create the impression of a successful publication wasn't converting into revenue, although Rob never admits that in his editorial swan song. But then editorial honesty has never been Rob's strong suit.

In the meantime, Rob, let me be the first to say, "Buh-bye." Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Update: 9.18.11, 8:30 AM - Williams' announcement of his soon to fold print edition which was previously found only by examining the Vermont Commons Journal's issues archive has been moved to the front page of the web site edition of the journal. Kinda sad that Rob didn't even get to break one of the few real news stories, even if it was a publicity piece, ever published in his journal.

So Rob, what's next for the secesher journal, a paywall?

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