Friday, November 12, 2010

How Low Can Rob Williams Go?

Apparently as low as a grave robber.

That's not so much a figure of speech as it is a statement of fact.

Without making too large of a point of it, it's pretty clear that the Vermont seceshers took a serious "shellacking" at the polls, enough so that comparatively the national Democrats would look like they'd won. Despite a poorly organized, deeply flawed and porous campaign, Rob Williams is not content with looking generally as though he's flailing about at how to explain it all. No, he persists in repeating his utterly unfounded charge that I am two other people (there are meds for that kind of delusion, Rob). No facts, no evidence, just his insipid reiteration of something that he's bragged about to the other goobers in the secesher clown car on their "secret" listserv. Kinda sad that that's the best he's got:
From: rob.williams at (Rob Williams)
Date: Fri Sep 17 12:56:45 2010
Subject: [Free Vermont Framework] Blogger Thomas "John John" Rowley,
etc. - an update

"Hi Vermont Commons friends,

As many of you know, our anonymous blogger friend Thomas Rowley seems to have emerged from his blogger cave and is a bit cranky with us again.

I thought some of you might be interested in reading my latest blog post - an invitation to our 3 1/2 ROWLEY (sic) for a public conversation.

Face to face and out in the open.

It took him just a few hours last night to decline my request, preferring instead to call us nasty names from behind the anonymity of his pseudonym. As always.

Back story: We are reasonably sure that Rowley is a Marshfield-based blogger named John Ryan, who conspired with GMD blogger John Odum to attack us anonymously at the Rowley blog 3 1/2 years ago, and has done so occasionally ever since. Thus, my "Thomas John John Rowley" nickname for him/them. Which appears to drive him/them crazy. (?)

At one level, this is a kindergarten pissing contest amongst bloggers, one that I'd rather not engage in.

At another level, though, failure to confront Rowley leaves the unfounded but emotionally visceral charge of "racism" and Vermont independence inextricably linked.

Witness blogger Jon Margolis' recent allegation on Vermont Public television.

I have written a letter to VPT host Stewart Ledbetter inviting him out to lunch to discuss the TV incident, and I will call Margolis today to do the same.

Kill 'em with kindness. And honesty. And truth.

But Rowley is another story.

My suggestion - if anyone asks about ROWLEY, we remind the asker that Rowley has remained anonymous for 3 1/2 years, and REFUSES to meet openly in public conversation, even when invited on HIS TERMS to do so.

(Tin Foil Hat) Vermont!"
Of course, I've never offered terms to speak to Williams. I try to limit my conversation to those who don't wallow in self-delusion, engage in factless speculation and think that any Vermonters, beyond their "small community," have a bit of interest in their tin foil world. Get some help, Rob.

But, to the point.

Yesterday was Veterans Day. Most have some manner of honoring veterans or, among with the loutish, not. But Rob's got his own world that he's living in.

He's chosen to troll a memorial website dedicated to honoring Vermont's fallen for Veteran's Day. Here's how the scumbag did it. He wrote, "Honor our Vermont veterans. Work for a Free Vermont beyond the "Global War on Terror," after which he affixed a copyrighted image that contained the faces of Vermont National Guard, soldiers, and Marines he'd lifted from the Vermont Fallen Families website.

Trolling for support for his tiny, irrevelant, measly and conspiracy befuddled group of seceshers at a website for the slain?

Has Rob no shame?

Here's an idea for Rob for the holidays: Not so far from Rob is a market that has coin canister for a cancer patient. When no one is looking, he could "fund raise" for the 2012 Free Vermont campaign. That'd be on a par with his last post. Or maybe he could find a homeless shelter where people who've had to wait in the cold until time for the evening meal and a place to slept for the night, will be so tired as to not be aware of his rifling through their belongings. And Rob, buses are a good place to "bump and pick." Dennis could work it with Rob with since he doesn't seem to care how he gets his funds. Really, just like Rob he's another classy guy.

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For the archive of the Free Vermont Framework listserv, click here.

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