Saturday, September 25, 2010

A neo-Confederacy of Dunces

The chief cook and bottle washer at the propaganda rag "Vermont Commons", Rob Williams, has responded to my request that he show a specific lie on this blog and, as always, like the evasive weasel he seems comfortable to be seen as, he's dodged the request in that full-of-himself manner he favors.

Rather than directly address the request, he spins off into the usual dissembling - read it here. Like Rob, I've been busy and there are a number of other fish to fry. My earlier response was obviously not clear enough. Let's try this: You and I aren't ever going to meet along the lines that you'd like to dictate. Ever. Can you hear me now?

Second: Happy birthday. I hope it'll be a memorable one for you. Since one of your Senate candidates has crowed that Connecticut native, Dennis Steele, will take the majority of gubernatorial votes in the Northeast Kingdom, I'm sure that you're already planning for another shindig in Waitsfield.

Now, if it's true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, your latest post is a big, long, sloppy, wet one, but the Joseph Goebbels-Big Lie stuff? That'd be over-the-top, even for me. Since you're the Propaganda Minister, and Senate candidate Dennis Morrisseau calls himself the Foreign Minister, and the other Senate candidate, Gaelan Brown, has taken a shine to being appointed the Minister of Commerce and Energy, how 'bout, since we're getting all chatty now, I just call you Herr Döktor - then the circle of Godwin's Law will be complete, no?

As you may by now have probably gathered, but just in case you're too busy to get the obvious, someone's been talking. Lots of locally grown beans are getting spilled.

I'm going to be a very busy blogger.

Thanks for the advice, er, warning regarding "an independent journalist" who's interested in my take on your clown car of candidates. Still waiting on that, but why don't you save her some time and suggest that she read the blog. It's all here.

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