Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Whither Vermont Commons?

The whole Second Vermont Republic-SVR thing seems to have wound down to a dull thud.   Thomas Naylor appears to be the only person now writing on his website and some of what he's writing is getting downright weird.   I'll have more on that in the near future but for now I'm wondering, where can you find a copy of this Summer's edition of the quarterly "Vermont Commons?"

City Market in Burlington doesn't have one.   Same at the Warren Village Store.   I checked at the VTCommons website [1] but they're still saying that it's available in Seven Days, and we all known that ain't true. [2]

The usual catalog of articles in the current issue of the VTCommons journal is also missing from their website.   Instead there's this that they're calling the "Free Vermont E-Newsletter."   It's pretty thin and seems to be mostly earlier website posts being churned out as "new" material.

Question is, has VT Commons, like SVR, pretty much gone belly up and is it now nothing more than a fairly pathetic example of secessionist revanchism with all the political punch of e-navel gazing?



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