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After reading the recent Thomas Naylor and/or Rob Williams post at the Second Vermont Republic website, titled "BILL O'REILLY SUPPORTS VERMONT INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT," which was about Naylor's performance on the O'Reilly Factor and O'Reilly's alleged support for secession, one needs to ask, "Are these people wildly delusion or just pathologically dishonest?"

They state unequivocally that O'Reilly supports secession and they quote O'Reilly as follows:
In an interview with SVR founder Thomas H. Naylor, O’Reilly said “How can we help you? I want to help you secede.” Naylor responded, “You already have by having me as a guest on your show.” O’Reilly followed up with, “Can we raise some money for you?” Naylor said, “Yes, we need all the help we can get.”   [1]
SVR left an awful lot out of their spin of that interview, which probably accounts for why they provided no link to the Fox video of the interview.   Were they not plagued by a fundamental dishonesty that forces them to misrepresent so much, the SVR post would have included the following:
O'REILLY: "Doctor, how can we help you? I wanna help you (to) secede... I, I, ya know, I... Can we raise some money for you or can we provide transportation to Canada or somethin'? How can we help?"


"Look, Canada is just a few miles away from Burlington, just right over Lake Champlain. Why don't you guys just go there? I can raise money to get you guys over there. Canada's a pretty liberal country. Wouldn't you be happy there?"

NAYLOR: Well, that's... It's interesting that you propose that. One of my fantasies, Bill, is that possibly Vermont secedes from the United States, teams up with New Hampshire, Maine and the four Atlantic provinces, and we create a little country the size of Denmark and call it New Acadia. (Unintelligible as O'Reilly/Naylor talk over each other) Would you be willing to support that?

O'REILLY: New Hampshire and Maine don't want anything to do with you guys, because... (laughing) Particularly New Hampshire... New Hampshire's live free or die; low taxes...

[snip - useless argument over whether terrorists might or might not attack an independent Vermont, at the end of which Naylor diverges in a complete non sequitur to O'Reilly's point about the need for mutual defense]

NAYLOR: Yeah, well, I agree Bill. (?) In a sense your point is, what could be more absurd then, uh, tiny Vermont, with 620,000 people, standing up to the greatest empire of all time, with 300,000,000 people. I mean that's truly absurd but, see, therein lies the power, the energy of our movement... It's classic David and Goliath...

[snip - again O'Reilly and Naylor talk over one another]

O'REILLY (after some difficulty keeping his legendary biblical characters straight): Goliath's gonna say, "Look Doctor, if you don't like it here, Canada is beckoning (?), you've got all your socialized programs, very liberal government and media, just go up there and have a good time. I mean, well, why not? It's just a few miles across the lake.

NAYLOR: That, that sounds good to me.
O'REILLY: Okay! All right! Now, now we're getting some place! We're going to get you a real estate agent, you're gonna sell your house in Burlington, Vermont and we'll move you right up to, ah, Canada. We'll do it for ya!

NAYLOR: No, no, we might do... we might just join them. We may, I don't know, I'm not going... I don't want to leave Vermont.

(unintelligible again)

O'REILLY: No, no, no, Vermont's part of the USA. You think it's a terrible country.

NAYLOR: I want to leave the United States, not Vermont. No but I love Vermont. I don't love the United States.

O'REILLY: Yes but, see, Vermont's part of (the United States) Doctor... and you can, you can get the whole thing...

NAYLOR: I don't want to leave Vermont, I don't want to move.

[snip - O'Reilly wants Naylor to comment on Jessica'a Law]

O'REILLY: I'm gonna get you a real estate agent. I'm gonna, I'm gonna get you outa here. Finally, you wrote that, um, "anybody with the stupidity to appear on the O'Reilly program," um, blah, blah, blah. You remember writing that? (O'Reilly holds up page with yellow highlighting on it)

NAYLOR: Oh, but it's been great fun.

O'REILLY: Yeah. You're welcome but, you know... (smiling and pointing to page containing the quote of Naylor's about only stupid people appearing on the O'Reilly program) There you go.   [2]
Oh, and Tom, the area of Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and the four Atlantic provinces is 15 times that of Denmark.   This may seem like a small point to correct but, as is so often the case with your comparisons of Vermont to other countries, your "fact," too, is way off the mark.   At least Naylor's being consistent.

It appears that Bill and Tom could both use some help reading a map.

It also sounds as if Naylor has been taken in by his own phony poll and now believes that he'll snooker 100% of Vermont, all 620,000 of them, with his secessionist pipering.


At Friday, June 15, 2007 at 8:24:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you put a link to the video?

At Sunday, June 17, 2007 at 10:12:00 AM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

There is a link but Fox doesn't make it easy,

The footnote [2] at the end of the O'Reilly/Naylor transcript contains the link. Once there click on "Bye BYE USA" and it should still take you to the video - it worked this morning. I don't know how long Fox will maintain an active link.

At Friday, October 5, 2007 at 4:02:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada has law and order so don't be bringing any bagage up here of
We love you guys from Vermont but please don't send us your rejects we get enough of them in the CFL.
On the other hand, We will soon all be one happy family ,under the NAU.
With that seperation is null and devoid for anyone. There is no place to join up with, fancifull ideas of hooking up with Canadian provinces are the kind of stories only a retarded brain could dream up.I don't mean to sound rude but
Canadian provinces don't have the option of seperation no more than Vermont does.It is dream weaving ,not reality that keeps it alive. Refusing to face reality and being apart of the solution ,they would rather shrivel up under a rock and hide, hardly a green mountain boy spirit. All of the green mountain boys,Indeed Ethan allen himself did not fight in vain for these numbskulls. they fought for the right for these people to be apart of the solution, so they could make their contributions to
their country, instead they hide from it.I tell you dear neighbors , the feeling of knocking on heavens door ,that seeps in when we feel there is no recourse,need not be there. Why does Naylor not write for the Union to contrbute to the United States of America ,indeed all of north America together to be stronger and more vibrant then ever.Instead he writes to hide from reality ,prefering to scribble dreams of yesteryear.Vermonters especially those that live on the land are the future of America, yet do they not go forth and teach other Americans that this is the way of the future of all mankind , no they do not.In the end there can be no seperation So buck up and act like a green moutain man,and do try to be apart of America,to infuse it with your wisdom of how living with nature is a must ,to live better lives.
Otherwise you you waste yourself on a dream of yesterday instead of a dream of tomorrow
Dave on fiddlers dream farm some where east of eden


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