Monday, March 5, 2007

Rob Williams Out At SVR

After having heard numerous reports of divisions and dissatisfaction among early Second Vermont Republic members, founders and organizers over the past ten days, I can confirm that Rob Williams has quit his leadership role at SVR.
"I communicated my intention to leave SVR by private letter to Thomas Naylor on Saturday, February 24, before leaving for one week of travel and family time...   During the past 7 months, I volunteered my time to help re-organize SVR as a think tank and voluntary association, redesign the SVR web site, develop an online SVR store, and assemble an SVR speaker’s bureau, as well as working to gain more visibility for the idea of an independent Vermont republic.   Now that our list of unfinished projects is complete, I am returning to my exclusive role within the Vermont independence community as editor for Vermont Commons newspaper." [1]
If you gloss through the bureaucratise about "volunteering" and "accomplished goals," you get the message loud and clear.   Naylor's in charge and listening to no one, not even the last faithful followers like Williams.   No doubt that this will not be the last of the changes to come at SVR and VTCommons.   Rumors abound, such as a possible name change for the publication.


UPDATE:   I've been combing through VTCommons for changes since Williams' departure from a leadership role at SVR, and I can now report that Bill McKibben's articles from past issues of VTCommons are now missing.   Withdrawn?   Expunged?   Disappeared?   No one's talking...   yet. [2]
[Walking the WALC: Street Heat For A Clean Energy Future (Issue 16) [3] Walk the Walk (Issue 15) [4] Can Vermont Feed Itself? (Issue 6) [5] Wal-Mart - What's A Bargain Worth? (Issue 1) [6]]

Missing now, as well, is McKibben's piece, Green Mountain Gourmet - Eating Locally All Winter Long, from the current Winter issue of VTCommons. [7] [8]   Will Williams be offering an explanation to readers?   I guess that we'll just need to "stay tuned," as they're fond of advising us at SVR and VTCommons.  

In the meantime, those interested in the lastest, breaking developments on Vermont's semi-organized secessionistas need only check back here or at fivebeforechaos for what's not likely to be disclosed at SVR or VTCommons.

Alex's (from Rip and Read ) recent comment at fivebeforechaos on Naylor's historical revisionism vis à vis the Vermont Republic and Ethan Allen, is a topic I've been hearing about more and more, and it will be receiving further examination here in future posts.


At Monday, April 30, 2007 at 5:18:00 PM EDT , Blogger Alex said...

Hi- Glad to see you're posting again- I'm curious- did you ever get around to writing about the historical revisionism of the "First Vermont Republic" ?



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