Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Now What?

In yet another of the series of strange developments at Second Vermont Republic and its websites, the Press Release issued by SVR yesterday morning regarding the departure of Rob Williams as co-chair of SVR has now been deleted from the SVR website.   Since the link to the Press Release in the previous post now shows "Page Not Found," here's the complete text as it originally appeared in yesterday's SVR post:
PRESS RELEASE: Rob Williams Leaves
Second Vermont Republic (SVR) Think Tank

Monday, March 5, 2007

Rob Williams Leaves Second Vermont Republic (SVR) Think Tank
SVR Co-Founder Thomas Naylor to Continue as SVR Chair and Chief Spokesperson

Rob Williams publicly announced today that he has stepped down as co-chair of the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) think tank to focus exclusively on nurturing Vermont Commons multimedia quarterly newspaper.

"I communicated my intention to leave SVR by private letter to Thomas Naylor on Saturday, February 24, before leaving for one week of travel and family time," Williams stated. "Last fall of 2006 when SVR lost its executive director, the organization was at a crossroads and had a number of unfinished initiatives that needed attending to," Williams explained. "During the past 7 months, I volunteered my time to help re-organize SVR as a think tank and voluntary association, redesign the SVR web site, develop an online SVR store, and assemble an SVR speaker’s bureau, as well as working to gain more visibility for the idea of an independent Vermont republic. Now that our list of unfinished projects is complete," concluded Williams, "I am returning to my exclusive role within the Vermont independence community as editor for Vermont Commons newspaper."

SVR Co-Founder Thomas Naylor will continue to serve as SVR Chair and chief spokesperson, as well as managing the affairs of the Second Vermont Republic think tank, which maintains, through SVR sister organization the Middlebury Institute, a global dialogue about peaceable secession with more than thirty other secession-minded organizations around the world.Williams will continue to serve as editor of the quarterly multimedia Vermont Commons newspaper, a journal for the independent Vermonter devoted to exploring issues of sustainability, sovereignty, and independence, broadly defined.

Free Vermont!
Disappearing press releases?   Disappearing articles from Vermont Commons?   Disappearing polls?   Disappearing members and supporters?   I guess that we'll all need to "stay tuned," as they like to tell Vermonters at SVR, to find out what's next.

Developing... ?


At Wednesday, March 7, 2007 at 11:01:00 AM EST , Anonymous cresmer said...

Here's the latest from Seven Days:
Funeral for the Second Vermont Republic?

At Monday, June 4, 2007 at 6:20:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vermont would be better off becoming a republic and they should. Anyone who disagrees can suck it!


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