Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Sad Day for Vermonters

John Odum at Green Mountain Daily has announced that he's "indefinitely" left blogging.

JDRyan at fivebeforechaos gives the rundown, as well as a spot on analysis of Second Vermont Republic's leader, Thomas H. Naylor.  For those of you who are just being made aware of this troubling development in the Vermont blogosphere and haven't been following the discussion of SVR's close ties, by way of its advisory board, to members of the white supremacist secession organization, League of the South, it's pretty creepy stuff.  JD's complete coverage of the SVR controversy can be found here.

Naylor, son of a southern segregationist governmental operative who was up to his eyeballs in making financial recommendations to the racist administration of Gov. Ross Barnett that were intended to make Mississippi's school segregation system less unattractive to the outside world [1], has had his own longstanding ties to the world of racism and white separatism, whose leaders count him as a "friend." [2]  He would have Vermonters believe that he is a different man than his father, but the difference diminishes with each step he's taken in his campaign to silence those who would bring the facts about his organization, SVR, to light.

What will he do next?


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