Saturday, February 10, 2007

Just a word or two... (UPDATE at bottom)

... about the commotion that's ensued at odum's well thought out post on Green Mountain Daily.  I'm glad to see the discussion begin on the strong racist ties of some Second Vermont Republic advisory board members.  That's been a matter of great concern to me, and I know that it is to many others.  Dismissive, off-point denials coupled with baseless allegations [1] [2] [3] about one of the premier hate monitoring groups in the country are really quite beside the point, and are very easily disposed of, as JDRyan has done. [4] [5]   He has more at his blog.

I am glad to see, at the very least, that two of the principals at SVR are stepping forward to participate in this discussion.  That's a good thing.  Hopefully, SVR will be open to considering the concerns of their fellow Vermonters and address some of the facts that I will continue to present, rather than responding only to charges that have not even been made and flinging red herrings.  I think that Vermonters are more than capable of having a discussion about secession without direction from people who are directly tied to racists, white supremacists, anti-Semites and what I like to call Uptown Klansmen.  Unless, of course, that offer of SVR's made elsewhere to have a discussion isn't so genuine.  I, and I'm speaking only for myself, have had about my fill of self-appointed "Deciders" in this life.

UPDATE:  More from JDRyan.


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