Thursday, September 4, 2014

"The Cheese Stands Alone" - Part IIIish

Thus far the Second Vermont Republic's legacy baas, Rob Williams, has remained silent regarding he and his group's continued unwillingness to denounce and renounce his longtime allies and friends at the KKK and neo-Nazi affiliated League of the South's. With yesterday's revelation that the League supports the discrimination of the past in hiring for good ol' young white guys - you know, the natural-borne "heads of households" and the real "breadwinners of the Southron nation - I renewed my call to Williams to once and for all call it quits with the LoSers.

Now, it seems, so has spe-lunk-ing.
UPDATED!!! September 3, 2014 5:50 pm Vermont Secession has updated the original post. I am going to join Vermont Secession in calling on Dr. Rob Williams to denounce the despicable and vile League of the South.
You'll note that spe-lunk-ing links directly to "Herr Doktor" Rob Williams Facebook page. Funny place, that. Up until two months ago you couldn't shut him up there on the subject of Vermont secession, except for when he was posting photos of himself, of trees and of mountains, all of which we could use so much more of in Vermont. Whassup with that? Is the Robster throwing in the secesher towel? Have his adjunct faculty gig and chaperoning responsibilities at Burlington's Champlain College become so demanding as to come at the sacrifice of his secesher leadership role? Time may tell.

In the meantime, Robbie, you really need to get out in front of this whole League of the South mess before it takes you down like it did the Dixie singin' and still dead Thomas Naylor.

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