Friday, August 22, 2014

Another "Vermont Secession" Website Pick

Earlier this year this blog had the pleasure to point readers to an exciting site based in the Mason-Dixon area called spe-lunk-ing. Spe-lunk-ing has been doing great work on exposing the dirty underbelly of the racist League of the South and its ties to national socialism (read: Nazis), homophobia and its anti-immigration sentiments, as well as more recently the trials LoSer-GOP County Council candidate Michael Peroutka in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Today, I'd like to point you to a more recent find called The Liberty Lamp. Their Who We Are page reminds me of the early days here at VS; the intent had been to rock and shock Vermonters out of their dreamy, complacent view of the Vermont secession movement and by any measure - the media's, the seceshers, ours and the political establishment - this blog has more than succeeded in that regard. The exposure of the public banking issue as the number one priority for the Vermont seceshers in their effort to disengage Vermont from the national economy is but the most recent example of the kind of analysis available here. Likewise, The Liberty Lamp, itself a collective enterprise, offers up hard hitting observations and commentary on racism, homophobia, anti-fascism and, of course, the occasional League of the South and its allies tidbit.

I strongly recommend that you add The Liberty Lamp to your reading list.

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