Sunday, July 27, 2014

Secesher Proponent Candidate for Vermont Secretary of State Doubles Down on Irrelevancy to His Campaign Issue of the Palestianian Right to Wage War on His Anti-Semitic Facebook Page

Ben Eastwood, a political wannabe and sometimes libertaritard who yesterday started a scrap on his Facebook page directed at Green Mountain Daily front pager, Jack McCollough, and then at former GMD publisher John Odum, has an odd idea of how to campaign for the office of Vermont Secretary of State. Well, maybe not so odd for someone who from time to time spouts secessionist rhetoric about "independence" and "Empire."

Eastwood's FB page is largely devoted to the Gazan conflict. He'd have us believe that he's an honest broker, an unbiased observer of the truth of the situation. What the fuck, exactly, has that to do with being Vermont's Sec'y of State? Has he gotten his wanted post confused with that of U.S. Sec'y of State? For crissakes, the only time he's really talked about being the VT SoS is when he orchestrated a cheap, last minute petition effort for a place on the Progressive Party ballot that came outta nowhere in the second week of June and gave the party little time before the June 12 petition due date to present a credible candidate before he snagged an unopposed slot on the primary ballot. Professional environmental scold and nag, Annette Smith, pulled pretty much the same thing two years ago on the Progs - you'd think they'd have learned their lesson then about the need for placeholders so the crazies don't get to swoop in on their ticket. Significantly, the Vermont Progressive Party makes no mention about Eastwood's ambush campaign for VT Sec'y of State on their own FB page.

The GMD kerfuffle can be found here.

It seems that when Eastwood found himself being taken to the woodshed by a wide range of commenters, his response was to go back to his Palestinian booster page and repost for the second time in as many days a piece by serial liar and anti-Semite, Christopher Hedges, that argues that Gazan Palestinians now have a right to wage war on Israel. What part of firing thousands of rockets into Israel and diverting 600,000 tons of cement from humanitarian purposes to construct armament and invasion tunnels for years hasn't been waging war, Ben? If you don't speak out about the lies and anti-Semitism of Jewish critics, like the demonstrations in Europe in front of synagogues rather than the Israeli embassies, doesn't that make you, according to your standard, "complicit" in the anti-Semitism, Ben?

It's beginning to look like Vermont seceshers will have another candidate to add to their burgeoning list of electoral losers over the years.

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As so often happens at this time of year, very little is happening on the VT secesher front - their campaigns are in sleep mode, their website is closed except for Rob Williams'' inane reviews and Thomas Naylor is still dead. Meanwhile, over at the spe-lunk-ing blog the author is doing great work documenting the VT seceshers allies at the League of the South's decent into Holocaust denial, the LoSer's embrace of neo-Nazis, their wardrobe makeover from hoods and sheets to polo shirts and khakis (can hush puppies by far behind?), the debacle associated with their Anne Arundel, MD candidate for County Executive and their summer demonstration campaign where tens of Southern White Nationalists picket about the "invasion" of brown immigrants, and rifes about "marryin' cousins." Hmmm, meaty... maybe Rob Williams will do a favorable critique of their white separatist secesher Summer of Hate.
"So, it is not allowed to mention the obvious traits, habits, or likes of a protected minority. Hell, anyone who's spent more than 1 day around negroes KNOWS that they love fried chicken & watermelon.... and chitlins, greens, carp, buffalo, etc. This is much ado about nothing, and these people need to get over themselves. Good grief. No good deed goes unpunished when it comes to the always complaining, always offended negroes."
Mark Thomey, Board of Directors, League of the South

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