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Secession Alliances and Cross Pollination

A year and a half ago a Comic Book Guy type crypto-fascist and racist secessionist by the name of Keith Preston mourned online the passing of the Second Vermont Republic's founder, the anti-Semitic, racist, Dixie singin' Thomas H. Naylor and I posted about it here.

Preston, like his hero Naylor and Naylor's former SVR co-chair and ostensible successor in that useless role, the failed publisher of SVR's secesher rag, Rob Williams, favors alliances among disparate secessionist groups - white supremacists, homophobes, religious extremists, anti-Semites and misogynists, and SVR has sponsored meetings repeatedly to which they have invited these out-of-state lowlifes in pursuit of such alliances with other bigoted pan-secessionists.

The blog spe-lunk-ing posted recently about Keith Preston breaking bread with League of the South white supremacists, not unlike the many meetings Naylor and Williams had with LoS leaders, and his scheme to make secession, racism and hatred palatable for mainstream Americans here.

Here's an excerpt of an interview spe-lunk-ing found on the white supremacist website of the Southern Nationalist Network conducted by Michael Cushman, who comes complete with ties to the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Cushman has posted more than 1,000 times at the racist, neo-Nazi website, some of whose members have committed over a hundred murders of blacks, Jews, people suspected of being Jewish, to name only a few of the groups victimized by members of Cushman's hangout. The interview is a textbook case of cognitive dissonance wherein the bigots discuss normalizing their odious groups in the same fashion that groups seeking equality under the law have. Fat chance of that ever happening. Here's their fantasization about a full spectrum pan-secessionist alliance of hate groups populated primarily by racists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis and homophobes:
SNN:" Keith, I know you’re not a Southern nationalist or on the Right but don’t you think it’s a bit strange how the League last weekend made national news (with TV reports, multiple radio interviews and write-ups in newspapers from San Francisco to Boston) which mentioned that we support the Southern States seceding from the USA… and yet where are the anarchists and libertarians and those against the System? I doubt anyone has gained this sort of publicity of late for ideas totally against the System like we did and yet only the mainstream media, Southern sites and White nationalist sites are reporting on it. Does that make you wonder about the feasibility of an alliance against the System?"

"...I’m very big picture and long term oriented with all of this. My strategy is to promote all forms of anarchism, libertarianism, decentralism, anti-statism, etc. along with all forms of dissent generally, Left and Right, and the overarching strategic concept of pan-secessionism. Until all of these things become ingrained in the wider culture. That’s more or less how the Left has done it: get the public to gradually accept ideas one by one that were formerly taboo such as interracial marriage, gay rights, gay marriage, gays in the military, etc. until all of these things are normalised now..."

People have had this type of dream before of such pan-unions to legitimize racism and oppression of others. Unsurprisingly, Preston and the LoSers share much in common with the fascist alliances of the '30s and '40s. No doubt they'll achieve similar failure even if they hold a demo everyday for the next 40 years. Hate is, and always will be, hate and it's never going to achieve equivalent status to the struggle for civil rights and equal treatment under the law. Ever.

And that's why SVR, LoS, SNN and dreamers like the crypto-fascist Comic Book Guy, Keith Preston, are doomed to failure like the Nazis and fascists that preceded them; there ain't enough lipstick that's been created to make what they want and do and believe look pretty.

UPDATE, 5/20/14 8:40 PM: One neo-Confederate has noted a misspelling which has been corrected. I can only say that autocorrect has always been my enema.

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At Monday, May 19, 2014 at 10:10:00 AM EDT , Anonymous Keith Preston said...

I would agree with you that expanded rights for previously subordinated populations like racial minorities, women, and homosexuals constitutes social progress. I would also suggest that overthrowing the genocidal imperialist American empire and domestic American police state would likewise constitute social progress. It is the height of absurdity for folks like you to pose as enlightened progressive do-gooders while seeking to preserve those very institutions that are slaughtering people all over the world and imprisoning them by the millions in the empire's mother country. You, sir, are either a hypocrite or a fool. I'll leave it to others to determine which label is more appropriate.

At Monday, May 19, 2014 at 5:08:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...


Windy criticism from a slime ball crypto-fascist who consorts openly with racist League of the South knuckled daggers and neo-Nazis like Michael Cushman and his ilk.

I'll leave to others to judge your behavior in pursuit of a treasonous agenda. That's why the blog exists.



At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 6:58:00 AM EDT , Anonymous Keith Preston said...

Hahaha! It's amusing to observe how so many PC progressives have suddenly become flag-waving "USA! USA!" patriotic dullards now that the cultural Left has become the establishment.

Treason to the Empire is what I'm all about. Glad to see you recognize that.

At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11:09:00 AM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Your presumption that I endorse all the acts of the US government is merely that, a presumption.

Don't your husky panties in a knot there, Comic Book Guy! Your hyperventilated admission to wanting to be a traitor whilst consorting with weapon stockpiling racetards may get you the martyrdom and jailhouse fame you desire amongst the Aryan Brotherhood, who, by the way, you'll need to keep you soft, fat ass from being passed around.


At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 9:25:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Keith Preston said...

Well, you certainly have a fascination with homoerotic imagery. That raises some interesting questions concerning your motivations for attacking Michael and myself.

At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 9:40:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

That's all in your mind, fatboy.

But don't let me dissuade you from some homophobic rant in that affected manner of yours. Do go on.

At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 10:21:00 PM EDT , Blogger Pat H. said...

What a strange, little man you are, Rowley. You engage in the sort of attacks that would indicate you're a petulant sixteen year old. For shame.

At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11:08:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Keith Preston said...

Fatboy? You're not a weightist now, are you? Where's your PC manners?

At Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11:12:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Well, Pat H. Let's see, "strange, little man" and "petulant sixteen year old."

You have zero idea of my stature, age or accomplishment.

No attack there, eh? I haven't bothered to research you yet but what tells me that you're some kind of water carrying bigot? Oh, maybe it's that dumb flag that you use as an avatar.

At Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 4:55:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Eh, der Comic Book Guy? Wherever did you get the notion banging around in that oversized head of yours that I was PC or had manners? I calls'em as I sees'em and fatboy fits you to a tee. Now, go play with your Boys in the Bund.

At Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 6:06:00 PM EDT , Blogger Chris Knight said...

You are all very petty. I believe everyone is responsible for confronting hierarchy whenever, whenever, and from whomever they experience it, and I will gladly unite with anyone in that struggle for universal dignity and solidarity. Only love can conquer hate.

At Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 6:46:00 PM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

Thanks for stopping by and offering your opinion, I think.

So, tell me how working with hate groups like the League of the South and a slime ball crypto-fascist Comic Book Guy squares with your "Only love can conquer hate" paradigm.

BTW, what color is the sky on your home planet?

At Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 11:42:00 PM EDT , Blogger Chris Knight said...

I don't work with fascists or white supremacists, and your assertion that Keith Preston is one of them is fallacious thinking as you are asserting guilt by association. However, I do believe in showing all people the kindness and generosity that I would expect from them because that is the only way we will all be able to live on this planet.

At Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 4:37:00 AM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

So, Comic Book Guy can work with neo-Nazis and white supremacists in common cause and that's excusable because, uh, "guilt by association" is worse. Preston can espouse bigoted sentiments and we're to make nothing of that.

You live your life; I'll live mine. What the fuck is it with all of you types who want to see the world behave as though we're all to be trapped in your damaged prism.

Don't like criticism of a slime ball neo-Nazi? Then go troll some other site, sonny.

At Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 5:33:00 AM EDT , Blogger Chris Knight said...

No kind of prejudice is any better than any other kind of prejudice. I've worked with a lot of people with all sorts of views, that doesn't mean I believe the same thing that they believe. It only means that for that time we had a common interest and we were able to put our personal beliefs aside for the greater good. If you can't do that then you will never accomplish anything.

At Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 6:55:00 AM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

You pompous twit. You haven't a clue what I've accomplished in life. But I'll tell you this, what I did I did without coming away from it feeling soiled as you apparently have no problem in so doing.

When you grow up you'll learn that having some integrity and not finding excuses and rationales to work with racists, anti-Semites, homophobes, misogynists, misandrists, theocratic extremists and the like, will let you sleep better at night.

How desperate you sound for a "win" at all costs. See how that works out for ya.

At Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 9:15:00 AM EDT , Blogger Chris Knight said...

I'm very happy for you that you have been able to enforce unanimity so effectively. Maybe the same will hold true in your Vermont Dictatorship. I don't think I would want to live their though.

At Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 10:22:00 AM EDT , Blogger Thomas Rowley said...

You haven't a clue about what you're saying, do you son?

This blog doesn't propose secession; it exposes the toxic associations of Vermont seceshers. What remains of the leadership of the "small community" (their words) of seceshers attributes primary responsibility for their failures in a host of their goals directly to this blog.

It's a relief to hear that you wouldn't want to live here though; I'd hate to think about what the impact of such a move would have to the statewide IQ.


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