Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Dear 'Baghdad Rob' ..."

(Recently, Rob Williams, the Vermont secessionist leader, groupie and America hater, had a hissy fit over one or more of my posts.  I'm not linking to his screed because it's, well, embarrassing to him and it might seem like I was kicking him when he's down lower than he has ever been since the Vermont secesher movement began 10 years ago this month [an anniversary that I can't find him noting somewhere, anywhere, in his ongoing, incessesant, ineffectual promotion of his neo-Confederate cause]).

I've taken to calling Vermont secessionist, Rob Williams, "Baghdad Rob" because he shares so many of the unhinged qualities of the former Iraqi Propaganda Ministry mouthpiece during the outset of the war in Iraq, Baghdad Bob.

Like Baghdad Bob, "Baghdad Rob" has little to no sense of irony.  Baghdad Bob announced to the world press that Americans were commiting mass suicide at the gates of Baghdad while in the the background of the camera shot of Bob's announcement, American tanks were rolling through the Baghdad city square. Not unlike Baghdad Bob, "Baghdad Rob" would like to sell his independence hokum to a group larger than his (and I'll use Second Vermont Republic co-founder Ian Baldwin's salient comment about the size of the Vermont secesher group) "small community" of secesher hoopleheads like Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau, Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner, Jim Hogue (an unconvincing Revolutionary War reënactor), Gary Flomenhoft (promoter of a seditious plot to secretly reconstitute an unelected group to restore the long disband Council of Censors, a plot that came to a screeching halt when I exposed it on this blog here during their failed 2010 election debacle), Gaelan Brown (a secesher "expert" on UFO's, chemtrails and the US military "plot" to obtain secret alien technology in exchange for resources on the dark side of the moon), Vermont Commons web editor and anti-Vermont National Guard sham activist, Juliet Buck, and Matt Cropp (whose efforts to install secessionists or himself in a variety of public and non-profit offices has been a complete and more than utter failure).  Most, if not all of these low achievers, declared their "provisional capitol" to be a B&B in Hancock, VT after their dismal showing in the 2010 election cycle, which was first only to their even more miserable showing in the 2012 election cycle.

Other than the dead guy and your Brooklyn flack, have I left someone out, Rob?

In a juvenile post that employed thinly veiled homophobia and a scatological reference, "Baghdad Rob" launched into tirade about his criticisms of this blog based on his unbridled hatred for blogs that (1) write the truth, (2) don't drink the secesher Kool-Aid and (3) don't accept direction from a media master like "Baghdad Rob," who drove his print journal into a financial ditch and then a year and a half later blamed Tropical Storm Irene and not his own shortcomings, and who is left with a cheesy blog that is little more than a nest of conspiracy theorists (Rob's a 9/11 Truther) whose latest includes a despicable, parent and child hating Sandy Hook Truther; the usual anti-Vermont National Guard hate rhetoric in pursuit of fixing a bad personal property gamble; delusionist, anti all of Vermont's statewide and legislative elected representatives; fake, uncredentialed "journalists" like William Boardman and Christopher Ketcham who routinely fail to disclose their personal, extremist agendas; as well as anti-Semites, segregationists, misogynists, racists and homophobes.

"Baghdad Rob's" irony meter must have been on mute when he wrote this:
"Or, haters (a k.a. "Thomas Rowley"), you can just keep on keeping on with hating on the Vermont independence crowd. Anonymously. With no transparency or accountability for your words. It is easier that way, of course. And safer. To be anonymous. In the closet. Hidden."
That's rich. That's coming, Baghdad Bob-like, from the guy who seemed to be in charge of the 2009-2010 super secret secesher Free Vermont Listserv, populated by candidates and, um, co-conspirators in the effort to hide from Vermont's electorate all that the Vermont secesher candidates intended to do if elected to office. They talked freely when they thought no one was listening, yet when I exposed their nonsense on October 3, 2010 they chose to shutdown their listserv on October 4 and I don't believe that they've ever fessed up to their activities there to date.  So much for transparency, eh, Rob? Naturally, their Great White Godfather, Thomas H. Naylor, excused their activities on the listserv as being thought to be private and that they were merely "Internet cowboys," although I've yet to hear a peep from their blowhard leader, "Baghdad Rob."  Wassup with that?  And what exactly does "Baghdad Rob" mean by "safer?"  Of course, it's not like Vermont secesher leaders, neo-Confederates, Vermont Commons'anti-Semitic bloggers and their ilk haven't haven't threatened  perceived opponents in the past, is it, Rob?

"Baghdad Rob" oversaw conversations for more than a year on the listserv amongst racists, conspiracist nutters, economic whack jobs, immigrant haters, homeless haters, women haters, lesbian haters, including his own posts about the "Israeli Mafia" and about his having bragged that he'd,
"spent 4 years defusing the SVR/(racist)LOS (not so) nonsense and it is finally done, even in the blogosphere."
Yet he never tried to shutdown the extremists.  So how'd that work out for you, "Baghdad Rob?"  Didn't your "Independence Party," as you like for one day in 2010 called it, lose every friggin' race it entered?

And I'm not even going to drag up his "Don't Ask, Don't Care" policy that he's maintained for his hategroup allies since February of 2007.  Hell, he's even continued his association with hategroup League of the South bigwig, Donald Livingston, by contributing to his neo-Confederate throwaway collection of essays as recently as 2011.

In his deranged post "Baghdad Rob" called me out (again!) with his not so vaguely homophobic,

"Your call. We're here when you are ready to come out of the closet."
Ya see, Rob, I don't meet in bars (as you've previously suggested) with racists, homophobes, misogynists, Jew haters or their persistent allies, like you.

Unlike you, "Baghdad Rob," I've never, ever sat down with convicted felons, the neo-Confederate, racist, hate group, League of the South board directors, anti-Semites, the virulently anti-gay and led by neo-Confederate, hate group members, Christian Exodus.  Ya see, hate insinuates itself into many of "Baghdad Rob's" willing associations, so much so that he sees it in everyone else, especially those who, like me, find his chosen, hate enabling, out of state friends to be so repugnant.

Perhaps this is the reason that, according to published reports, Williams' wife "does not agree with secessionism."

"Baghdad Rob" has never responded to my earlier suggestions as to how we might mend fences and engage by his first renouncing the extremists he so willingly embraces.  Perhaps, since his movement is so off-the-rails, he may be willing now to publicly cull his nest of hateful bloggers and his still active association with national neo-Confederate and hate group principals, as an opening act of good faith.

In the meantime, warmest regards Rob,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Will Vermont Jurisprudence Be Joining The Discussion of Expanding Voir Dire to Include Probing Potential Jurors About Their Feelings Concerning the Confederacy?

There's an important discussion that has begun concerning the biases that attach when a potential juror is sympathetic to the Confederacy, the modern neo-Confederate movement and its ideological sympathizers. While much of the work and research is Southern oriented, it has relevance to Vermont.

Proponents of the Vermont secessionist movement have long had significant ties to the Southern neo-Confederate movement, most particularly the racist League of the South (LoS). Starting in 2007, the leadership of the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) (the still quite dead SVR founder Thomas H. Naylor and his then SVR co-chair and present VTCommons propagandist Rob Williams) launched a purge of members who'd voiced concern about associating with indisputably racist groups. Committed Vermont seceshers have repeatedly and publicly expressed support for the acts of the Confederacy and the modern neo-Confederate movement.

In addition to presenting research on the racial bias of potential jurors, the researchers, Edward H. Sebesta and Dr. Euan Hague, PhD, have a piece published at The Black Commentator entitled The Confederacy and Jury Selection,
"The historical record irrefutably shows that the Confederacy was formed for the purpose of preserving white supremacy and slavery. Such sentiments are expressed is the declaration and resolutions of the seceding states, in the speeches of the leaders of the Confederacy, and in innumerable other sources, typically being expressed in a straight forward manner.

It would be reasonable, therefore, to ‘challenge for cause’ potential jurors identifying with the Confederacy because of their identification with a white supremacist regime that sought to keep (its) African Americans enslaved. These potential jurors identifying with the Confederacy might object that they would not be biased as jurors, but elements of the pro-Confederate Lost Cause mythology inherently lead to bias. One element is that African American slaves were well treated and content as slaves, and that slavery was like being a part of a large family, rather than that it was a grave and often horrific condition. At some psychological level, Lost Cause rationalizations are embraced and accepted because for that individual, an African American’s freedom and humanity are valued less than their own."
Alan Bean at the Friends of Justice blog has a piece, Probing the Subtleties of White Racial Bias, and there's a New York Times Op-Ed piece by a senior editor at The Atlantic, Ta-Nehisi Coates, on the topic of ingrained racism here.

Vermont has a growing immigrant population, as well as an increasing population of color located in Vermont's small urban areas. Racial profiling has been a recurring issue that has found its way to the courts and that's not likely to end. White Vermonters who have embraced the white, racist neo-Confederate movement, while an admittedly small group, are still eligible for jury duty.

Vermont secessionists have sought to legitimize their endeavor by claiming that (1) Southerners had a "right" to secede and that, similarly, (2) Vermonters do as well because there once existed a Vermont republic. Vermont republic mythology is a staple for Vermont secesher water carriers like Rob Williams, Juliet Buck and two time Vermont secesher legislative candidate in Franklin County, Todd Pritsky. Pritsky was a member of what was thought by the surreptitious group to be a super secret listserv where some Vermont seceshers, including a neo-Nazi, could engage in racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, seditious and abusively misogynistic (sounds redundant but it's not) "chat," while other invited members, like Pritsky, remained largely silent. The racist leader of SVR later referred to this group as "Internet cowboys," with the usual CIA/Mossad paranoid delusions here.

Juror bias is an issue that needs looking at in Vermont where secessionists and their sympathizers, who embrace the neo-Confederate meme, can potentially contaminate the jury with an element of racial bias.

If you believe, as I do, that the Vermont judicial system needs to examine this issue, please consider contacting the Vermont Judiciary Court Administrator Robert Greemore by writing to him at 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05609 or calling him at 802-828-3278; contacting the President of the Vermont Bar Association, Amber L. Barber, at or by writing to her at P.O. Box 100, Montpelier, VT 05601-0100; and Attorney General William Sorrell at 109 State Street, Montpelier VT 05609-1001 or calling him at 802-828-3171. This is one of those occasions where I would strongly urge you to put your concerns about this issue in writing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Friday, March 8, 2013

White Nationalism Comes to Montpelier, VT

My copy of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report arrived in the mail today and, as I always do, I looked for what might be new in hate groups, like the Second Vermont Republic and its hate blog at the Vermont Commons website, that have nestled in the Green Mountain state.

Lo and behold, there's a new (well, not so new - it's third anniversary arrives in ten days) white nationalist website that's been operating in Vermont's capitol, Montpelier called the Crocker Post (scroll down to Vermont in the SPLC list of active "white nationalist hate groups").  The website operator is an admirer of such hate sites as the Council of Conservative Citizens (formerly: the White Citizens Council), VDare and the Occidental Observer, as well as scumbags like Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter.

The blogger, Warren Crocker Herrick, would rather not say where he works but he's written:
I live in Montpelier, Vermont and am a professional waiter by trade, so I meet a lot of people to write about. 
Just so you don't end up on this white supremacist website for the wrong reason, you may want to consider ordering the white rice for your side when at the New England Culinary Institute restaurant in Montpelier.  Oh, and I'd play it safe and stay away from the Black Eyed Peas because you never know who might be listening.

It should come as little surprise that Herrick also gets quite a raging, bigoted stiffy about the issue of gays or marriage equality on his blog.  He regularly goes on and on about it.

Oddly, this up and coming hate blogger isn't a fan of Vermont secessionists - give him time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau Reaches A New Low

It probably wouldn't come as much of a surprise to regular readers of this blog that I consider the perennial loser candidate for various state offices, Dennis "Hit List" Morrisseau to be a lowlife and a scumbag. Denny's never found a conspiracy theory that he couldn't embrace, no matter how outrageous or ridiculous. Denny's used chicken wire engineering to explain how the discredited 9/11 Truthers got it right, basing his junk science on the work of cabal of anti-Semites from American Free Press, and Jim Fetzer's 9/11 Scholars for Truth. There's more on Fetzer here, as well as a piece that he had published (he's a regular contributor) at the anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying and anti-American website maintained by the Iranian Ministry for Propaganda, Press TV, entitled "Mossad Death Squads Slaughtered American Children at Sandy Hook."

Fetzer's a proponent of the conspiracist notion that those scores of Newtown, CT parents are faking the real grief we were all witness to. In particular, he's got a conspiracist stiffy for one parent, Robbie Parker, whose daughter was murdered by Adam Lanza. Setting aside for the moment the cognitive dissonance of first accusing the Israelis of perpetrating the massacre while then accusing the parents of the murdered children of being a part of vast governmental conspiracy to concoct a fake massacre for the purpose of creating just the right climate to push through legislation to seize American's guns, let's take a look at who this nutter is citing as a compelling authority on Robbie Parker faking it. It's stunningly offensive to the parent and other families. Take it away, Denny:
Jim Fetzer January 26, 2013 - 7:24 am

Here’s another example, where Dennis is far from alone in believing a lot of acting was going on:

Dennis Morrisseau · Top Commenter · West Pawlet, Vermont "I can buy a few of the writer’s explanations of some parts of this event and the questions surrounding it. But I also agree with Jim Fetzer’s and Julie Banda’s remarks below. AND, since I have done some stage acting, and also seen a large slice of reality in my 70 years on the planet, I am just going to tell you that ROBBIE WAS AN ACTOR, delivering remarks for TV off a card, and very clearly…….he had to work hard to get into character for his performance after his slick joking repartee before he had to go “ON”."
Ah, yes. In addition to his roles as one of the most failed candidates in modern Vermont history, as an enemy of Vermont's homeless, as the advocate for a hit list of prominent Jews and as the self-anointed "Very Foreign Minister" of the lamentably misnamed Second Vermont Republic, Denny now presents himself as a thespian of such caliber that he can tell from 3 to 4 seconds of tape that someone is faking emotion about their deceased child like so many of the whack job conspiracists do. It's impossible to look at the vid and not see the true cross of emotions that naturally move across the face of the truly grieving unless, of course, you're a sick conspicracist whackjob like Denny.

Naturally, fake "Senator" Robert "Needed Killin'" Wagner considers Denny to be his "friend" and serves as tech support for Denny's now defunct campaign website, - if Denny should ever turn his website back on maybe he'll post a "Hi! Let Me Tell You About My Court Martial Proceeding!" explanation of his betrayal during the Vietnam War.

Registered through:, LLC ( Domain Name: 2LTMORRISSEAU.COM Created on: 12-Aug-05 Expires on: 12-Aug-13 Last Updated on: 14-May-11 Registrant: Dennis Morrisseau PO Box 177 West Pawlet, Vermont 05775 United States Administrative Contact: Morrisseau, Dennis PO Box 177 West Pawlet, Vermont 05775 United States 8026459727 Technical Contact: Wagner, Robert PO Box 174 Ripton, Vermont 05766 United States +1.8029899673
It's always been clear that Denny's a viciously misogynistic, anti-Semitic, conspiracy addled nutter whose hatred for so many people - the poor, the homeless, virtually all of Vermont's legislators, reality based Vermonters, Jews and women - was such an attractive combination for Vermont's secessionist movement but I just never realized that he could be this despicable in pursuit of his completely dishonest worldview. And why would "Senator" Wagner ever call a longtime dirtbag like Morrisseau his "friend?" And will self-identifying with a hateful Truther like Morrisseau improve or screw up Wagner's next campaign? We shall see. And let's see if Vermont secesher propagandist, Rob Williams, at the thoroughly defunct Vermont Commons journal blog puts any distance from himself and his emerging independence movement book selling enterprise, and his hater of mourning parents and conspiracy blogger, Dennis Morrisseau.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anti-Semistism? Racism? Thomas Naylor Made It A Convoluted Twofer As He Trotted Out His Anti-Obama, Anti-America Dog and Pony Act for Iran's Propoganda Service in the Wake of the 2012 Election

Much as Saturday Night Live did in the fall of 1975 regarding the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, I can confidently report that the baas of the Second Vermont Republic and Charlotte, VT washashore, Thomas H. Naylor, "is still dead... but he's feeling better every day."

Late last year I'd mentioned that the Vermont secession movement was maintaining it's embrace of anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying elements at home and abroad, whether that be by promoting the notion that Israel is a criminal enterprise (the "Israeli Mafia" meme has been advanced by Naylor and his gubernatorial stooge, Dennis Steele, and "agree(d)" with by Naylor's heir apparent and former Second Vermont Republic (SVR) co-chair, Rob Williams) or that Israel can be "undone" (SVR co-founder and now a South Carolina delegate to the racist Southern National Congress) or that as one secesher leader (SVR's self-described "Very Foreign Minister" and decades long losing, as in usually running last, congressional and Vermont legislative candidate, Dennis Morrisseau) has recommended that there should be a hit list of prominent Jews or one member of the small, super secret nest of seditious Vermont secesher plotters of the group exposed by this blog just before the 2010 election who'd posted many, many times at the neo-Nazi messageboard of (White Pride Worlwide!) using the nom de Nazi, "Donnachaidh" or making a number of appearances on the racist, anti-Semitic, virulently homophobic, misogynistic and Holocaust denying Political Cesspool (Naylor & Sale) or Naylor's own numerous appearances on the anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying, anti-American website of the Iranian Ministry of Propaganda, er, "Information" called Press TV - well, you get the idea.

In October of 2012, less than a week before the general election, Naylor, sensing as almost anyone did whose last name wasn't Romney, Rove, Morris or Gingrich (as well as not being a Faux News clone) that President Obama was poised to get a second term, took the occasion to dip his toe once again into the barely concealed racism pool so much a part of the secessionist movement, even in Vermont, and in another of his tiresome, self-important essays, Naylor engaged in his usual anti-Semitic dog whistling and inferences of Jewish domination of the world and U.S. foreign policy.  Interestingly, in the second piece by baas Naylor, the supposed man of peace, he makes an argument of sorts for further nuclear proliferation:
"Israel maintains almost vice-like control over U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.  It tells Washington what it wants and, give or take a bit of face-saving waffling, usually gets what it wants.  It actively supported the war on terror against Muslims, two wars against Iraq, and the NATO attack on Libya.  And since Israel is the “exceptional” nation in the Middle East only it is entitled to have nuclear weapons, and Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons project must be taken out."
Okay, that Naylor is a Jew-baiting anti-Semite is a given (more on that below in the stuff I've got on his most recent appearance with the Iranian propaganda douchebags at their Holocaust denying website, PressTV), but in his first screed Naylor clutched at an obscure remark about President Obama being "cool" and constructed an attack that ended with:
"Above all, what Obama was about was being “cool.”  And it worked in spades."
"Spades?"  Really, Tommy?  Couldn't he have summoned up a little more resistance to his moth-like attraction to the flame of racially loaded double entendres?  Maybe it was because for too many years he palled around with his friends at the racist League of the South and at the Southern National Congress where he liked to sing Dixie?

The dust had hardly settled on one of Naylor's last remaining politically wishful Vermont secessionist boneheads, Senator Robert "Needed Killin' " Wagner's disastrous last place showing in the 2012 Addison County senate election, when up pops another interview that Naylor did for the genocidal, Holocaust denying folks at Iranian's Propaganda Ministry's online "news service" Press TV. Naturally it contains references to Naylor's racist Obama screed and his usual anti-Semitic dog whistles, a staple for the folks at the Holocaust denying Press TV, including the their mutual anti-Semitic mainstay about the illegitimacy of the State of Israel concluded with what Naylor had to know is a racially charged statement, especially with Naylor's past race-laced writings and his long history of cozying up to racist groups like the League of the South and the Southern National Congress, both directly and through his association (Naylor's big on guilt by association) with SNC delegate and SVR co-founder with Naylor, Kirkpatrick Sale.

'Course, if the Press TV propaganda vid doen't open, use this link:

It is interesting that after all the years of my pointing it out that the "crack" propagandists at Press TV haven't figured out that the skyline of Charlotte, NC has nothing to do with Charlotte, VT, Naylor's former residence. Maybe some of his ashes will get sprinkled there on his way back to his beloved state of Mississippi. And I doubt the Iranian hate scrum will pick up on the pronunciation differences.

"I am cool, and I know that you know that I am cool", says Thomas H. Naylor, founder of Second Vermont Republic about Obama's public persona. Naylor thinks that Obama lacks a "vision of the future".
In a phone interview with Press TV's U.S. Desk on Wednesday, Naylor said, "He would speak of a jobs program throughout the campaigns but the reality was that he had no jobs program. The United States does not have a coherent foreign policy; it has four different foreign policies. One for the middle-east, one for China and Russia, one for the NATO allies, and one for the rest of the world ... There is really no glue that holds the Obama administration together other than a kind of notion of what's above all, the most important thing is for Obama to appear to be cool."

Obama, 51, faces governing in a deeply divided country and a partisan-rich capital, where Republicans retained their majority in the House and Democrats kept their control of the Senate. His re-election offers him a second chance that will quickly be tested, given the rapidly escalating fiscal showdown as reports.
Naylor's longtime relationship with the genocidal maniacs at the Iran Propaganda Ministry's outlet Press TV puts the lie to his commitment to secession when you factor in that the Iranian regime has murdered more than 10,000 Kurdish separatists in Iran, not to mention displacing (as in rendering homeless) 200,000 "Iranian" Kurds.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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