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This Day In Vermont History: March 4, 1791 - Vermont Day

On March 4, 1791, the third session of the First Congress of the United States of America acted on the petition of the residents of
"(T)he said state, by the name and style of "The State of Vermont" (it was never called the Vermont Republic) shall be received and admitted into this Union, as a new and entire member of the United Sates of America."

Approved, February 18, 1791
This all came about as a result of the resolution of New York's claims to Vermont lands and within five months time Vermonters rushed, by those days standard, to join the Union:
"As a result of an act passed by the State of New York on October 7, 1790, regarding a settlement of New York's claims, the Vermont General Assembly authorized a convention to consider an application for admittance to the Union of the United States of America. The convention met at Bennington, on January 6, 1791. On January 10, 1791 the convention approved a resolution to make an application to join the United States by a vote of 105 to 2 nays. Vermont was admitted to the Union on March 4, 1791. March 4 is celebrated in Vermont as Vermont Day."

Of course, this is all at quite odds with the various fictions presented about Vermont by the baas of the Second Vermont Republic, Thomas Naylor, and his chief historical revisionist and fellow Abraham Lincoln hater, Rob Williams, publisher of SVR's propaganda organ, "Vermont Commons".

Some significance must then be attached to the recent change in Naylor's own shifting views about the possibility for secession of Vermont from the United States. On September 13, 2010, Naylor wrote:
It’s Time to Liberate Ourselves From the Use of the Word Secession

"To the vast majority of Americans, whether they be from the political Left or the political Right, secession is anathema. Abraham Lincoln really did a number on us one hundred fifty years ago. He convinced most of us that secession is immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional..."

"Secession may very well be the most emotionally charged word in American English. No term is considered to be more politically incorrect. What immediately comes to mind whenever this provocative word is spoken is the Civil War, slavery, violent militias, and racism..."

"Unlike secession, liberation connotes success, not failure..."

"As secessionists we need gradually to wean ourselves away from the use of the word secession and replace it with the more positive term... The Civil War ended a long time ago and with it ended the possibility of ever having an intelligent conversation about the merits of secession."
Naylor has continued to make remarks in this vein, usually in conjunction with
his anti-Israel/Semitic obsession, until finally he said, again with the predictable blanket anti-Israel jab,
"What America needs is neither a tea party movement, a tenth amendment movement, a nullification movement, nor a secession movement..."

"As someone who has spent twenty years promoting the idea of peaceful secession in America, it is extremely painful for me to admit that the modern day secession movement in America was probably dead on arrival."
Never mind the fact that six months ago Naylor was promoting the idea that emulation of the self-professed murderer, Che Guervara, was at the top of his "to do" list after claiming to be the founder of a "genteel revolution." [1] [2] You just can't predict or believe whatever he's going to say next - he's all over the place.

It's time for the Magnolia Vermonter, Thomas Naylor, to give us all a Vermont Day gift and stop embarrassing his Vermont neighbors, and for him to just pack it in without another of his petulant, historically inaccurate eulogies.

Now go play your childish secesher games with your racist League of the South friends and SVR advisory board members, Tom. It's over.

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